Get Trained

Thank you for being willing to volunteer with CASA of McLennan County.  After your application is approved by the CASA Advocate Recruiter and Trainer, the training begins either in a group class or will be self-paced.  The CASA Advocate Recruiter and Trainer will notify you if there is a group class scheduled.  Otherwise, your training will be self-paced as described below.

As a prospective volunteer, your self-paced training to become a CASA begins here.  Before you get started, print the Training Verification Sheet.  As you complete each item, make sure you date and sign the Training Verification Sheet.  Next, download the CASA Volunteer Training Manual in PDF format.  Alternatively, you can view/read it online here.  Press the “Full Screen” button (bottom left) to magnify the page.  Note that there is a glossary and a list of web resources at the end of the Volunteer Training Manual. For your convenience, here are the Glossary and Web Resources.

After completing each chapter of the Volunteer Training Manual, use the assessments/summaries listed below to test your knowledge about that topic.  Upon completion, submit each chapter’s assessment and summary form online by clicking the links below. You may also want to print a copy of these forms for your records along with the Training Verification Sheet.  Make sure you turn in your Training Verification Sheet to the CASA Advocate Recruiter and Trainer at the time you have your final post training interview.

Prior to completing Chapter 3 Assessment/Summary:

  1. Select a community resource to research from the Commonly Used Community Resources in CASA Cases
  2. Fill out the Community Resources Worksheet

Good luck!