Take the first step to becoming a CASA advocate:


As a volunteer, your training is a mix of self-paced reading and in-person classroom sessions.  Our Director of Advocacy will inform you of training dates and timelines during your pre-training interview and give you a Training Verification Sheet where you should sign and date each training item as you complete them. This completed sheet must be turned in at the end of your self-paced training.

Next, you must work through the Volunteer Manual. If you would like a printed version of the Volunteer Manual, the Director of Advocacy will offer it to you at your pre-training interview.  Another option is to download the CASA Volunteer Manual in PDF format.

After completing each chapter of the Volunteer Manual, submit each chapter’s assessment form online by clicking the links below. Your answers will automatically be sent to the Director of Advocacy. Make sure you turn in your Training Verification Sheet to the Director of Advocacy at the time you have your final post-training interview.

Please reach out to our Director of Advocacy, John Moorman, with any questions as you complete your training.  He can be reached at 254-304-7982, or jmoorman@casaforeverychild.org.  We are grateful you have chosen to become a CASA volunteer.