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Volunteer Spotlight – Anthony Green

Anthony Green’s CASA Supervisor says “Anthony is incredibly dedicated to help his four CASA siblings (elementary age to teenagers) secure a safe and permanent home all together with a family member.  Anthony goes above and beyond in encouraging the caregivers’ strengths, as well as finding solutions to their needs, and this shows how much he cares about maintaining a family connection.  Anthony is such a valuable CASA!

What made you choose CASA as a way of giving back to your community?

I chose CASA as a way to give to the community because of the research I had done which concluded that children under the care of CPS needed someone to be there and look after their welfare.

What do you enjoy most about the time you have spent serving as a casa volunteer?

I enjoy spending time with the children and helping them work through the various situations that arise.

When you aren’t working on your CASA case, what can we find you doing?

For fun, I like spending time with my family, including my two year old grandson.  I also help veterans file disability claims and volunteer with the NAACP.

What is your most memorable experience as a casa volunteer?

I would have to say my first case is the most memorable up to this point. I was a little scared and not sure of what I was supposed to be doing and the though of having two small children depending on me.  I was able to get to know them (one was an infant) and I could see how I was making a difference in his life.  The case ended with the grandmother adopting both children.

Thank you, Anthony, for your advocacy with CASA!