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Volunteer Spotlight – Molly Winn

Molly Winn, our CASA volunteer spotlight for August 2018, has gone above and beyond to change the life of a foster youth.  Self described as under-qualified and extremely qualified at the same time, her CASA Supervisor notes that she loves big and gives big and she is really committed to making sure her CASA child’s best interest is always at the forefront of her advocacy.

What made you choose CASA as a way of giving back to your community?

In a way, I feel like CASA chose me.  CASA kept coming up in my life, through friends, through church, etc., and I just couldn’t not do something.  McLennan County is in great need of volunteers and I wanted to do something to help at least one child.

What do you enjoy most about the time you have served as a casa volunteer?

Knowing that I’m making my sweet boy and his placement family seen.  I see them, and I think that’s largely what this life is about.  Everybody wants to be known and loved, and to me, that starts with being seen.

When you aren’t working on your CASA case, what can we find you doing?

Baking in my kitchen, taking pictures (I’m a photographer), doing some interior design work, as well as working with college students through my church!

What is your most memorable experience as a casa volunteer?

Well, I’m pretty new still but anytime I get a hug from my sweet boy is pretty great!

One word or statement that describes how you feel about being a casa?

Under qualified and extremely qualified at the same time.  These kid(s) need more than I can give, and they certainly deserve better than me, but I know for sure that I’m loved by God and I’m called to give that love away, so I just keep showing up and trusting that it’s making a difference even if it’s just to that one.