Commonly Used Community Resources

In preparation for learning about community resources later in training, pick one agency to research from the ones listed below.  We suggest that you first ask CASA program staff if they have a contact person, and then call the agency for further information.  You may collect the required information by phone or personal interview, or by asking for literature from the agency.  Use the Community Resource Worksheet to gather the information.  Bring back the information you gather to share with the rest of the training class.  Have fun and good luck.

Commonly Used Community Resources in CASA Cases

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children
  • Care Net Pregnancy
  • Caritas of Waco
  • Sheppard’s Heart
  • Salvation Army
  • Central Texas Youth Services
  • Avance Waco
  • Family Abuse Center
  • Compassion Ministries
  • Mission Waco
  • Heart of Texas MHMR
  • Communities in Schools
  • Meyer’s Center